Cross Platform Campaign
Management and Analytics Suite


Today’s media landscape is rapidly changing as consumers expand their ad viewing habits from exclusively TV to a multi-screen mix of TV, PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones.    And while multiplatform convergence provides a deeper, more enriched engagement experience for consumers, it also creates a noticeable gap in aggregating and measuring media performance. Finding meaningful, actionable data requires advertisers and agencies to engage with multiple vendors…each with their own slice of the multiplatform view… to create an integrated picture of viewer engagement and campaign metrics.

DG Cross-Platform Analytics gives you a singular, unified view of both your campaign activity and your customers’ viewing activities across multiple screens. 

All data is aggregated from leading data services into one comprehensive analytics solution.  DG Cross-Platform Analytics combines the best of TV and online audience measurement resources, like Nielsen, with our own DG and MediaMind proprietary information, to deliver the most comprehensive data offering available.


  • Verifies what executions are actually airing
  • Validates when, and on what platforms, your campaigns are viewed
  • Monitors and measures campaign performance (GRPs) for both TV + Online
  • Maps TV and Online audience reach and frequency levels
  • Profiles TV + Online activity against core demographics and targets
  • Reports unduplicated audiences across TV + Online
  • Overlays demographic data including income, ethnicity and education of TV target audiences
  • Tracks media buy performance for compliance purposes


DG is currently offering select charter incentives (for only a very limited time) to show you, first-hand, how our Cross-Platform Analytics solution gives you ALL the information you need…exactly as you need it!

For your own personal demonstration of our aggregated cross-platform data measurement and analytics tools, and how you can get onboard as a preferred partner, simply connect with us at


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